Florida Best Beaches Guide to Spring Break Beaches

School's out and the party's on

Without a doubt, Florida ranks as North America's number one spring break destination. College students eager to make the most of their time off can't go wrong with any of the following hotspots. Whether you're looking for outrageous Jell-O wrestling contests and bikini competitions, or just want to find a place to dance until dawn, Florida will have it.

The following top 10 Florida spring break beaches are guaranteed to satisfy the frat boy in all of us:

  1. Panama City Beach: As undisputed capital of spring break, the parties here are so outrageous they even caught MTV's attention. Home to the largest nightclub in the U.S., it's no wonder this hot beach has retained its title year after year.
  2. Daytona Beach: With plenty of eye-candy and the most affordable accommodation around, Daytona remains a popular destination for spring break revelry. While the racetrack is hot, the parties are even hotter.
  3. South Beach: Trendy, chic and expensive, this beach offers a more sophisticated kind of merrymaking. But don't let appearances fool you - this beach can party with the best of them.
  4. Smathers Beach: Shallow waters and little undertow make this a perfect ocean playground. Play all day and then party until the sun comes up.
  5. Miami Beach: Ultra-trendy bars and some of the hottest nightlife in Florida put Miami on the spring break list. While it can strain the wallet, a night or two in this sizzling town is worth the price.
  6. Haulover Beach: This stunningly beautiful nude beach is close to nightlife action. From Indy racing to nude volleyball, Haulover offers something for everyone who wants some fun in the sun.
  7. Holiday Isle: This beach earned its name. Holiday Isle is all play and no work. From drinking contests to Duval Street's unending bars and nightclubs, this town is ready to party.
  8. Pensacola Beach: While Pensacola still draws the crowds, its half-million spring break visitors tend to be grad students who are looking for slightly tamer downtime.
  9. Clearwater Beach: Clean beaches and dolphins provide endless daytime fun, but in the evening, Pier 60 reels in the partiers. While this beach tends to be quiet most of the year, it reaches its party potential during spring break.
  10. St. Pete Beach: With sunshine almost every day of the year, this busy beach is always hopping - especially when the sun goes down.
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Clearwater if really not an avid Spring Break party location. The east coast provides better spots for college students and the alike.
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