Florida Best Beaches Guide to Nude Beaches

Sunning in the altogether

Florida's balmy temperatures are perfect for nude swimming or soaking up the sun in your birthday suit. Unfortunately, finding a nude beach in Florida (with the exception of the one legally-sanctioned nude beach) means finding a secluded stretch of sand. The general rule for nude bathing in Florida is "Bare if you dare" - nudity is a crime on many Florida beaches, and the irregular enforcement of public indecency laws means taking your clothes off is a bit of a gamble. Though a number of Florida beaches have earned reputations as skinny-dipping locations, many naturists have been fined and even arrested.

The following is a list of one official public nude beach and nine unofficial nude beaches. Please keep in mind that laws change frequently, so ask locals before sunning in all your glory in any of these locations:

  1. Haulover Beach: The only legal beach on this list, this beach draws nude bathers of every age, shape and sexual orientation. The clothing-optional sections are well-marked and maintained by the county, so you can sun without fear.
  2. Apollo Beach: While nude sunning is illegal, it's generally tolerated if you are discrete. Nearby Daytona offers naturist accommodations.
  3. Playalinda Beach: This undeveloped beach is secluded enough to make most nudists feel comfortable. While it also draws eco-tourists with binoculars, don't worry - they come to gawk at the wildlife, not you.
  4. John D. MacArthur Beach State Park: Also known as Air Force Beach, this park hasn't been a legal nude beach since the 1980s. A sub-tropical paradise, you can usually get away without a bathing suit if you don't actually cross the park's boundaries.
  5. Hobe Sound: A secluded spot where celebrities like Celine Dion build multi-million dollar mansions, Hobe Sound has views that outshine the glitz. Cautious naturists can catch some rays in the buff since most people come to escape the crowds.
  6. St. Lucie Inlet State Reserve: This state reserve offers the same seclusion, celebrity homes and warnings as nearby Hobe Sound. Nude bathing isn't legal here, so strip with caution.
  7. South Beach: The anything-goes approach to life here makes unofficially clothing-optional beaches easy to find.
  8. St. Vincent Wildlife Refuge: Uninhabited and accessible only by boat, you'll have to share your spot of beach with sea birds and turtles.
  9. Gulf Islands National Seashore: Although nude bathing isn't legal, long stretches of deserted beach means most naturists can skinny dip in peace.
  10. Navarre Beach (Eglin Air Force Base): While you can depend on warm weather, the social climate changes quickly. Authorities used to turn their heads, but now nude bathers need to exercise caution.
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Hobe Sound---really...legal?
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you should add Blind Creek Beach, in Fort Pierce, Fl. It's fabulous
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Jacksonville, Florida. There may not be an official nude beach in Jacksonville North Florida, but there is a non-landed naturist association named the North Florida Naturists. They as a group visit landed nudist resorts. They are listed through www.aanr.com and www.naturistsociety.com Keep up with naturist news by signing up for a free email newsletter at: www.sffb.com Protect your rights to a nude beach and help promote nude recreation by becoming a card carrying naturist.
Posted on 3/1/2014 6:21:00 PM by Anonymous
Eglin Air Force Base at Navarre Beach. For many years the naturists that used Navarre Beach to go nude would creep over into the western boundary line of the Eglin Air Force Base. This to avoid the Santa Rosa County Sheriff. Then some of the federally owned land on Navarre Beach was turned over to the county. Instead of creating a park for the people, they either sold or leased the land to people who them built homes on the land. This on a barrier island. These were soon washed away and or damaged. In the meantime the religious community claiming the Bible says nudity is the work of the Devil (This is North Florida not to be confused with South Florida) and egged on by a local person who owned two local nudist parks, passed a county wide anti-nudity ordinance. There are two things you should know about an Air Force property. They are: No.1. The whole purpose of the Air Force is to protect your Constitutional Rights as a citizen. And, there is no law banning nudity on a federal property. Also, going below the high water mark places you under maritime law and there is no law banning nudity in the water below the high water mark. The only thing they can ticket you for on Eglin Air Base is for trespassing, not nudity. Naturist believe that they have a Constitutional Right to a designated nude beach. It is a form of recreation. The government provides other citizens with facilities for their form of recreation. By not providing a citizen with a facility, the government is in fact discriminating against citizens and violating their 14th Amendment Rights. The Equal Protection Clause. Those that want a designated nude beach will need to get organized and meet with county officials to pick out a beach location. It helps to be a card carry naturist. www.naturistsociety.com or www.sffb.com You can sign up for a free email newsletter at the last site.
Posted on 3/1/2014 6:13:00 PM by Anonymous
Apollo Beach: There are two Apollo Beaches in Florida. One is on the west coast South of Tampa. That is NOT where the Naturist Beach is. The other is on the East Coast. It is at the northern most part of the Canaveral National Seashore. It can only be reached through going east through the city of New Smyrna Beach and then south on A1A to the North Entrance to Canaveral National Seashore which is called Apollo Beach. You must drive south a few miles to Parking Lot No. 5. Then walk south a few hundred feet. This is a pure natural naturist beach and is usually visited by real naturists. There is no hanky-panky tolerated. Gawkers are not welcome. Cameras and cell phone cameras are a big No-No and can lead to user conflict. The best way to get into the rhythm of nude beaches is to join the Naturist Society and obtain a list of current beaches where nudity is traditional and you will meet other like minded people. www.naturistsociety.com Also, by being a card carrying Naturist Society member, you not only are supporting the naturist beach network, receiving a quarterly magazine, the card will give you access to nudist resorts and is a great identifier if you should meet a deputy sheriff who is patrolling remote beaches. They sell a World Guide to Nudist Resorts and Beaches. The Bible in this form of recreation.
Posted on 3/1/2014 5:46:00 PM by Anonymous
Nude Beaches in Florida. There are a lot of old lists that are no longer current and you could have problems if a deputy or police officer wants to give you a citation. Which law he claims you broke can make a big difference for the rest of your life. How do you expect the police officer to distinguish you as a naturist from a person who may be up to no good. The best way is to take your desire to be nude serious and join a national naturist association and be a card carrying naturist Showing your membership card to a law enforcement officer may prevent a citation. If you go to court show it to the judge. Remember, in Florida, nudity laws concern behavior while nude, not mere nudity. Being lewd, lascivious or indecent is a behavior while nude or clothed. Mere nudity is neither of those. There must be more. Be a card carrying nudist. See www.naturistsociety.com or wwwaanr.com or www.sffb.com. These groups all have lobbyists in Tallahassee protecting nude recreation. sign up for the naturist newsletter at www.sffb.com. It is free and the lists are never sold or rented to ensure your privacy.
Posted on 3/1/2014 4:33:00 PM by Anonymous
Apollo Beach. To reach Apollo Beach, which is part of the Canaveral National Seashore, you enter from the north through the city of New Smyrna Beach driving south on State Rd A1A to the park entrance. Once in the park, you must drive south to Parking Lot No 5. A few miles. If you are lucky enough to find a parking space in Lot 5, park and then walk several hundred feet south of the parking lot where you will find a naturist beach. The beach had a sign at one time alerting people to the nudity, but that sign was washed away in a storm and not replaced. Locals know where to go. Parking Lot 4 is not an option because that is two miles north of Lot 5. It is not advisable to go nude in any other location. While mere nudity is not illegal in a National Park, they can cite you under a county or state law through a concurrent jurisdiction agreement. While mere nudity is not a crime in Florida, you can still be cited and you will have to un-tangle that mess. Respect the wishes of the park rangers.
Posted on 3/1/2014 4:03:00 PM by Anonymous
Navarre Beach. Navarre Beach is in Santa Rosa County. That county enacted an "anti-nudity" ordinance some years ago. It is not permissible to be nude on a beach in Santa Rosa County. If you are a tourist, go to www.sffb.com for info on nude beaches in Florida. Richard
Posted on 3/1/2014 3:50:00 PM by Anonymous
Fort Lauderdale: The nearest officially designated clothing-optional naturist (nude)family beach is in Miami-Dade County at Haulover Beach Park. Haulover Beach Park is a county regional beach park on the ocean located on State Road A1A also known as Collins Ave (GPS 13751 Collins) and is a 1.7 mile long beach park between the Village of Bal Harbour and the City of Sunny Isles Beach. It can also be reached by boat down from the north thru the Inland Water Way. Use Haulover Marina.The c/o naturist beach is located at the northern 1/3 mile of the park. Parking for over 2000 cars is on the west side of State Rd A1A , Use Parking Lot 1 then walk through the tunnel that is located at the northern most end of the parking lot and when on the beach side walk to the beach and then north about 100 feet and the other 1/3 mile if you are healthy. There are Lifeguards on the beach so sit next to a tower that has Beach Safety employees in the tower. Most are EMT certified and there is a County Fire Rescue unit in the park. There is also a concession stand as well as a chair and umbrella rental service on the nude beach. The local Naturist Association, most days has Beach Ambassador volunteers on the beach Some are identified by their teal blue safari helmets. There are also Park Rangers and Miami-Dade County Police in the park and on the beach. Get there early because weekend crowds can be in the thousands. Haulover's Naturist Beach has been rated the 2nd Best Nude Beach in the world. It is clothing-optional so couples with different dressing customs can be together, here. There is almost a 1.4 mile tropical deserted beach to the south (mostly empty) for those that are "textile" motivated. This beach park is a tropical treasure.This beach is not visible from Collins Ave. and the dunes block out the road and city noises. We presently have three volley ball courts. They welcome players. Remember, this is a public beach and not a resort. Thus, you are responsible for the beach staying a nude beach. If you witness any inappropriate behavior, which is rare, you have a responsibility to report it to a lifeguard, ranger or Beach Ambassador (read crime watch). They have radios and can resolve the problem or have a ranger or police officer there quickly. Haulover Beach Park is only one mile east of the best state park in Florida. Oleta State Park on the top of Biscayne Bay. They rent cabins there as well as kayaks and bicycles, Haulover also sits within a mile or two of some of the best restaurants and shopping in South Florida. Bal Harbour Shoppes are just a mile south on Collins Ave. and the Sunny Isles Strip to the north 1 mille. On the south end of Haulover Beach Park is the location of the best charter boat deep sea fishing fleet in Florida. Worth checking out for a true tropical South Florida experience.. You can be nude on some charters. Miami Beach's famous South Beach is just 9 miles south on Collins Ave, and their beach is top-free for men and women. Cameras, camera phones and gawkers are not welcome at Haulover Beach. The best way to drive to Haulover Beach Park from Fort Lauderdale is to take the I95 Expressway South to Hallandale Beach Blvd. Go east to the dead end at State Rd A!A, turn south and Haulover is about 3 miles. Observe speed limit signs going through Golden Beach and Sunny Isles Beach. Enjoy the beach You can sign up for a naturist beach newsletter and more at www.sffb.com
Posted on 3/1/2014 3:33:00 PM by Anonymous
Fort Myers Area. There are two naturist groups in the Fort Myers aarea. They are the Sannibel Naturists, the Southwest Florida Naturists.. There is no dedicated naturist beaches in the area. There are traditional sites that these groups use, discretely.
Posted on 3/1/2014 2:44:00 PM by Anonymous
After reading many of the following comments, I felt it important to write this information for those who visit Florida and seek a nude beach experience. The problem you will have is that many of the traditional naturist beaches have been closed due to many factors. They are; the building of condos, houses and structures close to the traditional naturist beach. This leads to complaints from people who have personal problems with people being nude in their area. Formerly remote areas have been gobbled up into state, federal, city or county park land and that leads to a law enforcement presence. Most law enforcement at the patrolman or deputy level do not know the law as interpreted by the courts. They are trained in the statute law. Thus, instead of leaving a person alone on a remote beach where there is no complaining party, they may give you a citation. If there is a complaining party they most likely will give you a citation. In both cases they should have asked you to dress and leave and not cited you..You must be aware of the statute they are charging you with. Are they citing you under a county law or a state statute. Many counties have passed anti-nudity ordinances at the request for local church inspired people. Florida Statute 800.03 requires you to be lewd to be guilty of this law. If charged under Florida statute 877.03 (Disorderly Conduct) there needs to be a complaining party to be guilty of this law. The deputy cannot be the complaining party. In either case you should not plead "No Contest" a plea of guilty. You should go to court and plead Not Guilty and Request a Jury Trial. This will most likely lead to a dismissal. Florida's 800.03 is the Lewd, Lascivious and Indecent statute. If you are convicted under this law you will most likely end up on a state and federal data base as a sexual offender. It is serious. That will follow you to your home state. If you are guilty of lewd behavior, us naturists hope you are convicted and placed under the jail house. If is a known known that the nudity does not lead to lewd behavior. However, people seeking sexual partners will often meet at a remote place. Often this remote place is next to a traditional nude beach area. When nudity is banned, those men seeking men for sex still go to the area. People wanting a true naturist experience should go to the following sites. www.sffb.com www.naturistsociety.com www.annr.com If you are a resident of an area in Florida and want to have a dedicated nude beach in your area, you will need to organize a Naturist Association and lobby for one.There may be an existing group in your area. The Naturist Society can help you with that info. For information you can also go to the Florida Naturist Association at: www.sffb.com Nude beaches are a Civil rights Issue.
Posted on 3/1/2014 2:39:00 PM by Anonymous
Things to remember at a nude beach. 1.Don't go there unless you plan to be nude also. Top free for women OK. Gawkers are not welcome. 2. Cameras or phones will most likely cause a a user conflict. 3. Mere nudity, absent lewd behavior is not a violation of the law. You can still be cited by a law enforcement officer.Do not plead "No Contest." That is a plea of guilt. Go to court and Plead "Not Guilty." Person3 convicted of lewd behavior will be punished under Florida Law 775.082 or 775.083. A serious crime.
Posted on 3/1/2014 2:01:00 PM by Anonymous
Any relatively safe beaches for nudists, naturists in the Fort Myers, Naples area of Florida?
Posted on 1/9/2014 12:29:00 PM by Anonymous
Any good nude beaches in the Fort Lauderdale area?
Posted on 1/2/2014 9:18:00 AM by Anonymous
I was just at one of the isolated beached on South hutchinson island....not Blind Creek...which I used to go to all the time in the late 80's and went topless. This time I was at the beach north of that that allows horses. The beach was deserted this time. I was topless for about 15 minutes before I sat under theumbrella and put a towell over me to block the very hot sun. I noticed a uniformed sheriff at the beach entrance with binoculars. Then, a sheriff helicopter came by flying about 100 feet off the deck...waved to us on both pass bys of our position. We left 90 minutes later, and in pulled an unmarked police car and then a sheriff . There was NO ONE at this beach but us. This seems a little excessive. No one was ticketed but it mad me a little mad.
Posted on 10/6/2013 6:20:00 AM by Anonymous
I just returned from the Johnson Beach area of the National Seashore where I spent about a week camping on the beach. Once you get to the end of the road, you have to walk another half mile to the camping area. It was awesome!!! The beach was beautiful, secluded and very welcoming to my bare butt. There was a couple (2 females) relatively close to me who spent some time topless. There was also another younger couple (2 guys) who were nude about the whole time. Everyone was especially friendly. I never looked at it as a "sexual encounter" opportunity. It was just a great place to be naked and get some sun while meeting fun people. I was told the rule was be naked until you approached someone clothed or a Ranger approached you. Then you should cover but not necessarily get dressed. Every time I saw a Ranger approaching, I put a towel over my lap but they never even looked up. I was nude the entire time except when I returned to my car to go get ice or adult beverages. I can't wait to return next week for a few days!
Posted on 7/29/2013 1:49:00 PM by Anonymous
I have been to all the beaches here and many not listed and have encountered nudists, and for many years it has been tolerated, yet none are legal except Haulover, you can be cited or arrested anytime the authorities have the urge to do so and in the last couple years new laws have been enacted that makes the risk even greater. And as Florida population grows we have found more and more sexual deviants frequenting these areas for more than nude tans. You place yourself at risk. Florida legislature is of the opinion that public nudism, promotes sexual arousal, because, although nudists and the nudist lifestyle in many cases are genuinely innocent, many people in our society today are not so innocent and have ulterior motives for being in these places that gets carried back into society that results in children and or even adults being raped, molested or even killed out of lust or urges they developed on these beaches, as well as the sexual acts being conducted in these area's.. And since Florida is known to attract many known and unknown criminals to the beaches, they're main concern is to keep our beaches and the people on them safe, as such our communities. It is not the idea to discriminate against any particular lifestyle. Bear in mind that many people are arrested daily for sexual acts being committed on our beaches across Florida and it's becoming more and more regular, and gaining more and more attention from our local government. As it stands Florida is changing in regards to accepted nudism, and unfortunately there are more against it than for it, so it's not something one will find acceptable or to ever change, if anything it's going to disappear. As the U.S. population grows so do the problems that come with it. I have nothing against nudist myself, But I just don't see why anyone would want to put there self in a position to go to jail to take off they're clothes. The law is the law, and if your going to do it why not do it where it is legal and you can truly enjoy yourselves. You certainly can't consider yourself a honest person if your breaking the law. Any law a person breaks for whatever reason is being dishonest in my opinion, but to each their own, yet if you are going to get naked remember you got to pay to play and in Florida that will come with a price. Please be mindful of those around you, be safe at all costs and if you must please have respect for those around you that prefer not to share your desires. Do so extremely discretely.
Posted on 7/19/2013 2:53:00 AM by Anonymous
Destin Bridge. In the area that occasionally you may find nude people. Coming from Destin you will cross the Destin Bridge, 1/4 mile on your left you will see a few cars parked next to a fence that has a entrance, many park there and walk in but be warned that many of these cars get stuck in the sand and cars are broken into on a regular basis. This is also air force property. At the foot of the bridge there is a parking area that is used by many people and your car will be safe there as it patrolled. It is not a widely used area for nudity because of our friendly undercover folks, most of this area can be viewed from the higher floors hotel on the opposite side of the bridge. This area is not where many should chose to be bare, some have done so but as it becomes known I assure you that will change fast. 0 tolerance. I certainly would not recommend it to anyone. There are more secluded and tolerable places one could go.
Posted on 7/19/2013 1:54:00 AM by Anonymous
My last input I would recommend that if your traveling to Florida or in Florida.that if you want to enjoy nudism and not have to be on Guard and take the chances of ruining your career or life, that you may wish to visit one of Florida many nudist resorts and campgrounds that are 100% legal and exist all over the state. You can obtain day passes at relatively low prices and have everything to meet they're customers needs and they are protected from most deviant behavior and camera's and you can actually have a good time and enjoy yourselves and meet other like minded people.
Posted on 7/19/2013 1:27:00 AM by Anonymous
For the record as a Florida resident and us traveler, there is only 1, freely nude and publicly accepted nude beach in the state, and that is in Miami, Florida, and many of the suggested areas on internet sites are patrolled by land or air today.Florida is working towards ridding public beaches of nudity entirely, primarily because of deviant behavior, of course there are many stretches of beaches across Florida where one could indulge in nudity, that of course is at your own risk but keep in mind that the attitude of public nudity is quickly changing on Florida Beaches, also keep in mind that if you are arrested in Florida for indecent exposure, or any sex act in public you will be have to be a registered sex offender for the rest of your life and be in the sex offenders public database, even if you are not a resident of Florida. One should use extreme caution, those few hours of fun in the sun, could come back to haunt you or even destroy your life. One should consider this before hand. I do not condemn nor condone public nudity, however a lot of information on the internet is extremely outdated, so be careful if you intend to explore your naturalistic side on Florida Beaches today.
Posted on 7/19/2013 1:10:00 AM by Anonymous
Navarre Beach (Air Force) Property is closed to the public and has been for some time which is not reported on nudists websites. A sign indicating such is at the base property line, go beyond that sign and you will encounter, federal agents and or military police. The base property is monitored and they will know you are there, you will be trespassing.I do not recommend going beyond that sign. This is east of the Navarre pier. A few miles west is The National Seashore, many of the dunes that were there are gone from past storms and a lot of that beach all the way to Pensacola is visible from the road which is also monitored from distances by binoculars or other means, so although some say it's OK I would be extremely careful and prepare for a long hot day with no readily accessible facilities. Many have been cited and or even arrested in these area because it is a known sexual deviant area, even the locals that frequent these beaches will report you so be warned.
Posted on 7/19/2013 12:48:00 AM by Anonymous
Does anyone know of any places to swim or sunbathe nude near Jacksonville, FL??
Posted on 7/6/2013 6:55:00 PM by Anonymous
Navarre seems to be fine this season. There is no one around and quiet and long stretch of beach. Stay off the dunes. Leave them for the turtles and birds. Naturists will love the area.
Posted on 6/16/2013 6:57:00 PM by Anonymous
Topsail is a great place to go without a stitch. Have visited twice this season and very beautiful and secluded.
Posted on 6/16/2013 6:54:00 PM by Anonymous
THe Hobe sound National Wildlife Refuge is a gorgeous beach and if you walk down a 1/2 mile or so, it is fairly easy to nude provided that you are discreet. I've enjoyed many nude days there and occasionally have met other nudists although most seem rather unfriendly. I would recommend it to any person or couple since the beach is long and never crowded.
Posted on 8/10/2012 7:39:00 AM by Anonymous
My boyfriend and I are vacationing in Beverly Hills, Flroida. It is in between Ocala and Tampa. We are searching for a clothing optional beach in our area. Any suggestion- does anyone knpow where we can sunbath in the nude?
Posted on 7/5/2012 7:52:00 AM by Anonymous
I go to McArthur to sun m bns...no one bugs me except for the occasional gay man. I would love to go with a female so that I am not bugged. I go during the week when its really quiet.
Posted on 6/10/2012 12:53:00 PM by Anonymous
This page has incorrect information on it. The Apollo Beach that has legal clothing optional sun bathing is on the east coast, part of the Canaveral National Seacoast Park. It is just south of New Symrna Beach, Fl, NOT the Apollo Beach near Tampa. Here are directions for finding the correct Apollo Beach: Make your way to New Symrna Beach, Fl (Google Map it) and find Lytle Ave aka 1A aka South Causeway and take that to the beach. This becomes A1A / E 3rd Ave. This will bear to the right and go south. It becomes A1A / S Atlantic Ave. Take this all the way to the park entrance. Pay the ranger $5.00 and drive all the way to the last parking lot (lot #5 southern most end of Apollo). With your clothes still on, walk to the beach, turn right (south) and walk down about 1000 feet to where you see the other happy people without clothing. There you may disrobe. Enjoy!
Posted on 4/30/2012 9:23:00 AM by Anonymous
Posted on 4/14/2012 11:24:00 AM by Anonymous
Ok, I'm in Tallahassee and I'm looking for a relatively safe nude beach in North Florida.
Posted on 3/30/2012 9:44:00 AM by Anonymous
My female roommate and I are taking a trip to St. Pete this spring and are looking for a naturist beach to visit.
Posted on 3/11/2012 7:27:00 AM by Anonymous
is topsail still a good place to go. wish to take the wife but she saya that it has to be secluded.
Posted on 3/8/2012 9:24:00 PM by Anonymous
The Apollo Beach referred to here is in Cape Canaveral National Seashore... not the one near Tampa.
Posted on 2/15/2012 5:21:00 PM by Anonymous
Please take a look at a Florida state map for Apollo Beach and Daytona Beach -- which you say are nearby each other. They are in the same state but that is about it. Daytona is on the Atlantic side and Apoilo Beach is across the bay from Tampa. That's a GOOD four-hour drive.
Posted on 2/5/2012 4:33:00 PM by Anonymous
Where is Apolla Beach parking lot #5? is that just west of HWY 41?
Posted on 1/3/2012 12:57:00 PM by Anonymous
ok....i found it! Google ' Howard Frankland Bridge Tampa Hillsborogh Florida' and fourth DOES intercept it on the southern end. However, it looks questionalble since it's so close to hwy 275......hmmm....anyone have any thoughts?
Posted on 1/3/2012 12:48:00 PM by Anonymous
In response to a post 2-3 people down, they say 'Tried to find the beach at the fourth St. Bridge nothing but fisherman, can you be more specific please about how to get there. '.................I agree! He's talking about the Howard Frankly Bridge and i can't find 4th and that bridge on a map........ if you go on a map website, you can't find where 4th hit's ANY bridge....i'd love to find a nude place like this to visit when we go in March 2012......can anyone help with this location or another location?
Posted on 1/3/2012 12:39:00 PM by Anonymous
This post was written a year ago....is it still true that you can go here? One of the most beautiful (and secluded) beaches in Florida is located on the Gulf coast in the Panhandle at Topsail State Preserve, a Florida State Park. The beach here is about five miles long, with no structures in sight. Few nudists go to this park simply because they do not know about it. The dunes are magnificent, and the wide, white quartz sand beach is inviting. The best way to go to this beach is to enter through the Park entrance and pay the six dollar per car day-use fee (or stay in the Park’s tent or RV camping areas). A tram runs every hour (every 2 hours in the winter) between 9am and sunset. The tram will take you to the beach access walkway (about 1 mile) which also has restrooms and showers. Once you are on the beach, walk west about a quarter mile and there you are. You can see any approaching beach walkers from a great distance…plenty of time to cover-up. You can walk around the dunes or swim in the Gulf nude. Park staff does not patrol the beach, and it is very rare to see a Sheriff’s ATV. I have visited this beach many times in years past with no problems. This beach park is located just off Hwy.98 on Hwy. 30A, about 5 miles east of Sandestin in Walton County
Posted on 10/28/2011 6:01:00 PM by Anonymous
Tried to find the beach at the fourth St. Bridge nothing but fisherman, can you be more specific please about how to get there.
Posted on 10/15/2011 12:39:00 PM by Anonymous
Not known by even many locals,clearwater/st.pete has a half mile stretch of nude friendly beach. At the base of the howard franklin bridge on the pinellas county side. Where 4th st. meets the howard franklin bridge is a small bridge you park at and walk about 100 yds.and your there. Been there every summer for six yrs. with never a problem. Alot of public sex happens there so be for warned. Not to be confused with the mangroves BEFORE the 4th st. bridge. You have to walk over the little bridge for the nude beach.
Posted on 10/8/2011 3:59:00 AM by Anonymous
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Posted on 10/7/2011 11:19:00 AM by Anonymous
Posted on 9/29/2011 6:48:00 PM by Anonymous
tt would be nise if clear water & st peters woul wake up
Posted on 9/23/2011 9:05:00 PM by Anonymous
@can you do anything sexual on a nude beach? Posted on 5/19/2011 4:54:00 AM by Anonymous Really....................Wow, the answer is no, it is illegal. If you are that adventurous though, you can try to find somewhere very deserted.
Posted on 8/5/2011 6:07:00 AM by Anonymous
I want to see
Posted on 8/5/2011 6:06:00 AM by Anonymous
Posted on 8/5/2011 6:06:00 AM by Anonymous
I thought America was the land of the free? So why the repression of naturism? Get modern America, like Europe , where every country has nude beaches. milesmellonie6@hotmail.com
Posted on 7/31/2011 9:50:00 AM by Anonymous
@can you do anything sexual on a nude beach? Posted on 5/19/2011 4:54:00 AM by Anonymous Really....................Wow, the answer is no, it is illegal. If you are that adventurous though, you can try to find somewhere very deserted.
Posted on 7/29/2011 12:13:00 AM by Anonymous
Amazing with the life style in Florida being laid back and the weather and beaches the nudity laws need to be reformed. It would help the states economy by drawing more visitors.
Posted on 5/29/2011 11:35:00 AM by Anonymous
very good and lovely and very good.
Posted on 5/28/2011 9:22:00 AM by Anonymous
Posted on 5/28/2011 9:20:00 AM by Anonymous
can you do anything sexual on a nude beach?
Posted on 5/19/2011 4:54:00 AM by Anonymous
who do i ask at jd mccarthur state park where nude boundaries are
Posted on 3/8/2011 9:45:00 AM by Anonymous
Thanks for offering the info..........a bit of update and clarification is needed. There is no Fl statute which prohibits "mere innocent nudity" ., Fl's indecent exposure statute has been found to prohibit only "lewd or lascivious" exposure.,..the Goodmakers case clarified that distinction. The so called "bathing suit code" in the State park regs contradicts the Fl Legislature's mandate that all park codes have statutory basis...and the bathing suit does not...........as explained above, Fl indecent exposure statute is limited to "lewd or lascivious". Re MacArthur State Park..........the absence of statutory basis challenges the state park bathing suit code, I don't understand your advisory "don't actually cross the park's boundaries," to the north of the park is a Catholic Church...are you referring to the "boundary" of the water? There have been skinny-diippers at AirForceBeach at least since WWII and still are...but you may want to identify yourself as "1 of them" when you arrive...or they will cover up in case you're not.
Posted on 2/1/2011 7:42:00 PM by Anonymous
One of the most beautiful (and secluded) beaches in Florida is located on the Gulf coast in the Panhandle at Topsail State Preserve, a Florida State Park. The beach here is about five miles long, with no structures in sight. Few nudists go to this park simply because they do not know about it. The dunes are magnificent, and the wide, white quartz sand beach is inviting. The best way to go to this beach is to enter through the Park entrance and pay the six dollar per car day-use fee (or stay in the Park’s tent or RV camping areas). A tram runs every hour (every 2 hours in the winter) between 9am and sunset. The tram will take you to the beach access walkway (about 1 mile) which also has restrooms and showers. Once you are on the beach, walk west about a quarter mile and there you are. You can see any approaching beach walkers from a great distance…plenty of time to cover-up. You can walk around the dunes or swim in the Gulf nude. Park staff does not patrol the beach, and it is very rare to see a Sheriff’s ATV. I have visited this beach many times in years past with no problems. This beach park is located just off Hwy.98 on Hwy. 30A, about 5 miles east of Sandestin in Walton County
Posted on 11/3/2010 12:21:00 PM by Anonymous
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