Florida Nude Beach FAQs

The naked truth about taking it all off

While sunning in the altogether gives you a sense of freedom, nude beaches are not without rules - even if they are written in the sand. To ensure you, and those around you, enjoy the clothing-optional beaches, we've answered some of the most commonly-asked nudist questions:

What should I bring to a nude beach?
Bring the things you would take when visiting any beach - a bathing suit and T-shirt (to walk through the parking lot and clothed areas) hats, snacks, drinking water, sunscreen, sunglasses, towels and beach toys.

Where can I get naked?
Limit nudity to the beach. Parading around nude through clothed beaches, or in parking lots gives nudists a bad reputation and can jeopardize the area's nudist-friendly status.

Do families visit nude beaches?
Nude recreation is not an adult-only pastime. It's common for families with children to enjoy a day at the nude beach. Naturism is considered a healthy lifestyle choice by nudists - not a sexual one.

Will I or my children be exposed to inappropriate acts?
Nudist beaches and clubs almost always have rules against sexually explicit behavior, sexual activity and intoxication. Innocent expressions of affection among family and couples are commonplace, but blatant sexual acts are not. People who violate these rules are usually asked to leave the beach.

Will I be stared at on the nude beach?
Nudists come to enjoy the beach, not to stare. Gawking is rude and a sure sign that a person has come for the novelty, not the experience of naturism.

What do I do if I am menstruating?
Don't skip the beach just because of your period. While most women use tampons, some opt to simply go topless and wear their bikini bottoms or shorts with whatever feminine protection they choose.

What if I get an erection?
Nude bathing isn't sexual, so most men don't experience an erection at the beach. That said, the human body isn't always controllable. If you show signs of arousal, roll onto your stomach or cover up with a towel until the feeling subsides.

Can I bring my camera?
If you plan on taking photos of nature on your way to and from the beach, bring your camera, but leave it in your bag while at the beach. If you plan on taking photos at the beach, leave the camera at home - taking snapshots of other nudists, especially without permission, is taboo.

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