South Beach

The American Riviera

South Beach is a fantasyland with unique architecture, chic nightlife that just won't quit and stunning shorelines. Although South Beach claims less than two square miles of Miami Beach's southern tip, nothing can compare. The backdrop for numerous films, music videos and television shows, it truly is The American Riviera.

South Beach draws celebrities, trendy youth and the young-at-heart with cash to burn. Since wet T-shirt contests are rare, South Beach spring break is more of a couple's event than a single's bash.

Refined relaxation and chic parties replace the raw decadence of Panama City Beach or Daytona Beach. Sophistication creates plenty of gay appeal, yet draws nightlife crowds of all sexual orientations.

Outdoor Focus

Miles of designer-brand shopping can keep you darting in and out of doors for days. If you want to spend more time outside than in, swim in the warm waters or just lay back and catch some rays. With gay and lesbian beaches, nude sunbathing and an anything-goes attitude, you can be as active or relaxed as you wish.

Area Attractions

Area Events


With bars, restaurants, nightclubs and live music on almost every corner, finding a way to spend a South Beach evening won't be your problem – but narrowing down your choices will.


While pricy South Beach Art Deco hotels are comfortable and unique, the Miami Chamber of Commerce can offer less lavish and more economical accommodation options.

Need to Know

Art Deco architecture and other cultural arts make South Beach a cosmopolitan wonder. Visit us before booking your South Beach vacation.

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