St. Andrew's State Recreational Area

World's Best Beach 1995

St. Andrew's State Recreational Area, Florida was Travel Magazine's choice for World's Best Beach in 1995. It is fondly known for its ecological delights, soft white sand and plentiful water recreation opportunities. Nature lovers come to explore more than 1,200 acres of unspoiled beaches, dunes, pinewoods and marshes - not to mention boundless wildlife sightings. Underwater enthusiasts are in their element with some of the best scuba diving Florida has to offer.

Outdoor Focus

While you can walk the beach, swim, Jet Ski or just soak up the sun, most people come for:

Area Attractions

Many of St. Andrew's attractions are underwater. Historical wrecks include a 220-foot WWII tug boat called The Chippewa; the S.S. Tarpon, a 160-foot sunken coastal freighter; and the Gulf of Mexico's most infamous wreck, the 465-foot Empire Mica.

Area Events

Like most of the Panama City Beach area, major events include:


Panama City Beach has all the nightlife you can handle. From cozy pubs to the largest club in the U.S., there's something for every mood and budget.


You can camp at St. Andrews or take advantage of more than 20,000 lodging options with beach side views - resorts, hotels, motels, rental condos or vacation townhouses. Prices range from budget motels to pricier resorts. Try the Panama City Beach Chamber of Commerce for great Florida holiday rental ideas.

Need to Know

Unspoiled above and below the water St. Andrew's is a natural wonder. When you're ready to venture into the unspoiled, look into these St. Andrew's vacation ideas.

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