North Central Florida

Southern hospitality under the Florida sun

North Central Florida welcomes visitors with the irresistible charm and laid-back lifestyle that's popular in the deep Southern States. Because the state capital, Tallahassee, is geographically closer to Atlanta, Georgia than Miami, the small-town hospitality has rubbed off.

No wonder North Central Florida keeps beckoning guests with "Y'all come back now y'here!" Because of the landlocked, central geography, the only beach we found worthy of making our list is...

St. Joseph Peninsula National Park

St. Joseph Peninsula State Park occupies a wide northwesterly portion of Cape San Blas. An isolated wilderness haven for eco-touring, St. Joseph encompasses nine miles of Gulf beach, ten miles of bay shoreline and more than 2,500 acres of parkland. Its extensive white sand beach is perfect for getting lost in nature's beautiful collection of towering sand dunes, thick pine forests and the calming waves of St. Joe Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

Outdoor Focus

It's easy to find a spot on the beach to fish, swim and sunbathe without encountering another person. For more social pursuits, try the Gulf County Chamber of Commerce for weekly details on local activities.

Area Attractions

Area Events


Miles from the nearest big city, the stars, a campfire and the sound of the waves are all you need for entertainment.


With no hotels in sight, this is a camper's heaven. Primitive and full-hookup camping is available at two sites. Eight furnished cabins are also available for rent.

Need to Know

Seafood and sanctuary make St. Joseph Peninsula National Park a perfect getaway for hungry eco-tourists. To get the latest details on Scallop Day or wildlife festivals, find more information on St. Joseph Peninsula National Park here.

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