Apollo Beach

What a difference a bay makes

Apollo Beach, Florida, is part of the 24-mile Canaveral National Seashore, an ideal place to get close to nature. While nude swimming is illegal here, it's a long-standing tradition that locals tolerate if you keep a low profile. Most nudists find walking a few miles to more deserted areas of the beach worth the effort to keep the peace.

Outdoor Focus

Area Attractions

From mid-November to early April, endangered manatees migrate to Mosquito Lagoon and the warm waters around the Tampa Electric Company facility. Hike the Turtle Mound trail, which leads to the top of a Timucuan Indian Mound, or Eldora trail, which leads to a turn of the century settlement along Mosquito Lagoon.

Area Events


Nearby in Tampa, Ybor City's 7th Avenue is closed to cars on weekends. The pedestrian-only zone springs to life thanks to reggae, jazz, rock, blues and the fun-seeking party crowd.


Backcountry camping is permitted November through to the end of April, but requires a permit. Various hotels and motels are available in nearby Tampa, Titusville and Orlando. Check with the Apollo Beach Chamber of Commerce for up-to-date details. Nudists can find naturist-friendly accommodations in Daytona Beach.

Need to Know

Nature-lovers and nudists feel at home at Apollo Beach. If sea turtles and seashores appeal to you, check out these Apollo Beach vacation options.

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