Playalinda Beach

Undeveloped and undressed

Playalinda Beach (sometimes written as Playa Linda or Playa Lynda) lies along Canaveral National Seashore approximately two hours Northeast of Tampa. While nude bathing isn't legal here, this stretch of beach is secluded enough to remove your bathing suit unnoticed. Undeveloped, this paradise isn't just for nudists. Nature lovers will also enjoy its untouched beauty. To protect this fragile environment, stick to the boardwalks that run from the parking areas to the beach.

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Nearby New Smyrna Beach's Flagler Avenue and Canal Street offer a host of hot eateries, clubs, pubs and nightlife for every taste imaginable.


Backcountry camping is limited on Playalinda Beach and requires a permit. Nearby Titusville, New Smyrna Beach, Orlando and Daytona Beach offer ample accommodations for all. Nudists will be pleased to hear Daytona Beach offers some clothing-optional accommodation. The Indian River County Chamber of Commerce/Tourism Division can help with specific Playalinda lodging requests.

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Eco-friendly and clothing-optional beaches make Playalinda a nature-lover's delight. If going au naturelle turns you on, check out our Playalinda Beach vacation ideas.

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